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Smartman 300A

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Phonic Smartman 300A Active Loudspeaker


Smartman active expansion speaker uses Class D to provide sufficient power for a wide range of venues, large and small. Its stylish polymer enclosure also improves acoustical accuracy by minimizing distortion and diffraction. Finally, reliability and durability was the paramount factor throughout the Smartman's development. Smartman active expansion speaker is designed uniquely to work with Smartman Integrated Audio System. By chaining together, Smartman can offer infinite expandability for your live PA systems. The Woofers and Tweeters Engineered Right Unlike many other speaker manufactures that use pre-assembled OEM woofers and tweeters, all components of Smartman are designed from scratch, in-house, by Phonic. Everything, from the cone pulp formula and the curvature of the tweeter's titanium membrane to the characteristic of the magnetic field, is uniquely Phonic, uniquely Smartman. Smartman's state-of-the-art woofer has a distinctly high BL force factor and a long-throw extension which produce marvelously deep and defined bass traditionally unattainable in small enclosures. The compression tweeter and conical horn complete the Smartman's vivid, transparent sound signature. Built-in high-power class D power amplifier: 120 Watt Continuous, 240 Watt Peak. Remarkable sound, remarkable power, and remarkable style in a lightweight, durable enclosure. Finish: Black.

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