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Smartman 708A

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You don't have to be college educated to be a smart man, as long as you know the new Phonic Smartman is the smart choice in audio systems. Smartman combines the convenience of active speakers - combining loudspeaker and amplifier technologies - with digital mixing and signal processing. Built-in WiFi allows wireless connection to your tablet allowing control of levels, equalizers, dynamics and digital effects. A USB port has been included for recording and playback of digital audio to and from flash drives. The Smartman remote software can be used to trigger recording of input signals or playback of MP3 and WMA files through the Smartman. Bluetooth connectivity allows for any audio signal to be streamed from a modern smartphone or tablet. Simply switch the luetooth wireless pairing on and find the Smartman in your device's settings to stream audio directly to the speaker. A carefully crafted polymer enclosure with stunning curves not only look great, but also improve durability when on the road. The tour-grade grille protects drivers from damage while maintaining clarity. 12'' woofer combined with 1¾'' tweeter, 700 Watts of power through AB and D class amplifiers, All-in-one system incorporates digital mixer, active loudspeaker, two UHF microphones (optional) and flexible Windows software for remote operation through RJ-45 connector (using an RS-485 protocol), 14 channel digital mixer including two microphone combo (XLR/¼'') inputs, stereo line inputs and stereo RCA inputs in addition to Bluetooth and USB inputs and the UHF wireless microphone option. Finish: Black.


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