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Six Mic/Line Neutrik "Combo" inputs with inserts, compressors, 3-band EQ and phantom power
Two stereo channels with Neutrik XLR inputs, plus two stereo line inputs
Stereo USB audio interface for PC and Mac computers (24-bit, 48 KHz)
Playback of MP3, WAV and FLAC files from TransFlash media
Internal TransFlash module for high quality stereo recording in WAV or MP3 formats
2.4GHz Bluetooth connectivity for streaming digital audio from smart-devices
3-band, swept-mid EQ plus low cut on each mono channel, 4-band on stereo channels
3 AUX sends, one with channel Pre/Post switches
Solo feature on each input and output
32/40-bit digital effect processor with 16 effect programs and one main parameter control
2 true subgroups with main L and R routing switches
2 stereo AUX returns with effect to monitor level control
Solo feature on each input and output
XLR connectors available on main L / R output
Built-in switching power supply with universal connector, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Optional rack mounting kit (sold separately)

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 0938.096.600
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