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The Phonic AM4400DP Analog Mixer With DFX and USB Playback is a compact and versatile mixer with 4 mono mic/line and 2 stereo channel inputs. This expanded version of the AM440D features USB playback and a 32/40 bit digital stereo multi-effect processor with 100 and tap delay programs each with its own adjustable parameter. The pre-amps feature ultra low noise technology to ensure a professional and quality sound when used for recording. Mono channels have low-cut filters to eliminate any unwanted sounds such as stage rumble, sibilance, wind noise and any background noise you may encounter. With its multi-band EQ on mono channels, dual multi-segment LED level meters and high volume headphone outputs the AM440DP makes monitoring and controlling a mix even easier. With its versatile functionality and USB Playback, this unit is ideal for anyone looking to add to their home recording setup.

For more information please refer to the PDF below.

Nearly New: This product may have been opened for quality control purposes, returned by a customer, refurbished, or may have non-essential parts or software missing. Otherwise, the product operates as new. This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price.

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