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HelixBoard 32i

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A defining moment in Phonic’s history was the release – and inevitable success – of the Helix Board series of mixers with built-in recording interface. The entire series received glowing reviews and accolades from numerous publications and gained an impressive reputation in the audio community. Phonic hopes to continue in that great legacy with the release of the Helix Board 32i, a 32 channel digital mixer with integrated recording interface. The Helix Board 32i offers amazingly low-noise input connectors that are send directly into quality A-D converters for seamless digital sampling of all audio. Your input and output signals are handled with the utmost of care by the 40-bit floating point digital signal processor. The large color touchscreen offers a visual guide to all your channels, levels, EQs, dynamic processors, digital effects, and so much more! All functions and features can be adjusted on screen or using the onboard controls. The Helix Board 32i can also be controlled remotely via WiFi with an iPad application available from the App Store. Power, sophistication and flexibility all converge in the Helix Board 32i

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