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iAMP 3020DSP

Thương hiệu: PHONIC
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The Phonic iAMP offers digital amplification at its finest, providing 1600 to 3000 Watts of sheer power into loads as low as 2 ohms. The high-speed, high resolution class D circuitry works with the low-weight construct to create an amplifier strong enough for permanent installations yet light enough for portable sound purposes. Input to the iAMP is flexible, with the unit accepting both XLR and 1/4" balanced inputs via the onboard combo jacks, and Speakon jacks are provided for output to speakers. DSP versions feature an array of digital signal processing onboard, controlled through a simple interface and screen. The DSP features a complex algorithm offering compressor/limiter, 31-band graphic equalizer, speaker alignment delay and crossover with additional HCF and LCFs. All functions are easy to adjust on screen and can be saved directly to the amplifier for later use.

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