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MIR 260 E

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MIR-E series is a more cost-effective Audio processor newly created by MARANI Pro Audio for market demand.It has the basic performance comparable to MIR-A series, excellent background noise as low as -91dBu, combined with high dynamic range and powerful internal DSP calculation.So that it can cover a wider range of audio usage scenarios.  The series comes in four models:MIR260E(2 in 6 out)、MIR360E(3 in 6 out)、MIR440E(4 in 4 out)、MIR480E(4 in 8 out0.)

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In addition to conventional audio processing, MIR-E series is also equipped with MIR (Marani Impulse Response) linear phase frequency pision filter.MIR has the filter shape of traditional IIR filter (Linkwitz-Riley 24+48/oct), but does not generate any phase shift.The resulting delay is about 50% of the FIR filter, which makes split-point phases easier to engage, and produces lower delay. Everything MARANI offers is for a better sound.

The design of dual RMS compressors can provide a better protection mechanism for the sound amplification system while using RMS compressors to control signal dynamics or shape sound intensity.

1.   The frequency response of the whole machine remains flat at 20-20kHz, the background noise is as low as excellent -91dBu, and the maximum input level reaches +20dBu.

2.   Full matrix mixing, any input channel can be sent to the output channel, and adjacent output channels can also be superimposed to the physical output.

3.   Each input and output channel is equipped with RMS compressor, which can control the signal dynamics in the input channel or be used to shape the sound intensity.   The output end can do RMS thermal power protection according to the RMS power value of the speaker unit.

4.   New MIR linear phase pider filter: MIR linear phase pider filter is a new frequency pider filter, it has the shape of the classical filter (LR24/48), without any phase distortion, so that the phase curve remains flat.

5.   The machine is equipped with standard network port, which is connected by tcp/ip local area network (LAN).   The PC automatically prompts that the device has been found and avoids USB/RS485 online due to the persity of Windows series and hardware, there are various driver and connection problems.   At the same time, wireless router can be used to achieve wireless online, providing more efficient and stable device control.

6.   New group setting, can control 32 processors at the same time, can unify the control of gain,&silence, etc, increase the convenience of multi-machine debugging.

7.   The input channel is configured with a dynamic loudness riser, which can effectively improve the listening sensation.


Models                   MIR260E \ MIR360E \ MIR440E \ MIR480E
Input x Output                   2x6、3x6、4x4、4x8
Input impedance                   <10k Ohm balanced
Output impedance                   <100R Impedance balanced
A/D dynamic range                   118dB
D/A dynamic range                   118dB
Maximum input level                   +20dBu
Maximum output level                   +18dBu
Total harmonic distortion                   ≦0.003%(+4dBu 1kHz)
Frequency response                   20Hz~20kHz
Crosstalk                   ≦-95dB
SNR                   ≧111dB (A weighting)
Noise floor                    ≦-91dBu (A weighting)
Common Mode Rejection Ratio                   60dB
Rs485 control port                   2
Network control port                   1
DSP Processing 
Signal generatorwhite noise/pink noise, level range: -30dBu~+10dBu
input & output gain-18 dB ~ +12 dB, step  0.1dB
Noise gateThreshold range: -80dBu~-45dBu
Attack time: 1ms~1000ms; Release time: 1ms~1000ms
Dynamic loudness filter Gain range: 0dB-10dB Attack speed: fast/medium/slow
Parametric equalizerInput channels up to 31 optional types of PEQ
output channels up to 8 optional types of PEQ
Optional types include Bell filter, 1st order high Shelf filter, 2nd order high Shelf filter Variable Q high Shelf filter, 1st order low Shelf filter, 2nd order low Shelf filter Variable Q low Shelf filter, 1st-order low-pass filter, 2nd-order low-pass filter Variable Q low pass filter, 1st order high pass filter, 2nd order high pass filter Variable Q high pass filter, band pass filter, notch filter 1st order allpass filter, 2nd order all-pass filter with variable Q value
The center frequencyadjustable within the frequency range of 20Hz~20kHz with a step accuracy of 1Hz
Q value/bandwidthThe Q value range of Bell filter is 0.4~128,
the step is 0.01 The range of the Q value of the Chevron/high-pass/low-pass filter is: 0.1~5.1,
and the step is 0.01 The value range of bandpass/notch filter Q is: 4~104, step is 1 
Equalizer gain range-15dB~+15dB
IIR crossover filterButterworth slope: 6/12/18/24/36/48dB per octave
Bessel slope: 12/24dB per octave
Linkwitz-Riley slope: 12/24/36/48dB per octave
MIR linear phase filterLinkwitz-Riley: 24/48dB per octave,
FIR crossover filtertype; high pass/low pass/band pass/external import
Taps range: 256 ~ 512,slope range 21 ~ 120dB per octave
Time window type: Rect / Sinc / Keiser /Hanning / Hamming / Blackman /Blackman-Harris/ Blackman-Nuttal / Nuttal/Keiser -Bessel/Sine
RMS compressorStarting threshold range: -10dBu~ +20dBu;
Compression ratio range:2~32: 1;
Soft and hard knee: 0~100%
Attack time:0.1ms~1000ms; Release time: 10ms~15000ms
Gain compensation:Maximum 12dB
Peak limiter Threshold range: -10dBu~ +20dBu
Attack time: 1ms~1000ms; Release time: 10ms~3000ms
Delay                            The adjustable delay time of each input channel + output channel is 802ms,
Step accuracy 0.0104ms (10.4us)
FIR filterEach input channel and output channel can import FIR filter with 48kHz sampling rate and 512 taps 
size482x44x207mm 1RU
Package size560x320x110(mm)
Net/Gross weight3.0 Kg / 3.5 Kg
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