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PRO 9200

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Pro series amplifiers are high performance and high efficiency’s top quality amplifiers. For the purposes of getting high quality sound, it adopts TOSHIBA big power valve covered with metal, and that make the sound quality can reach higher levels.
1. Power ON/OFF transient, prevent the surge assault
2. Thermal cut off protection, the amplifier will cut off the link with speakers when the temperature is more than 85­ C
3. Short circuit current limited protection.
4. The muting circuit prevents switching noise by turning the amplifier on of off
5. DC protection ad speaker output, the amplifier will cut off the link with speakers when the amplifier is unusual.
6. Limited, providing 30dB of compression without distortion, the amplifier will not clip.

Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 0938.096.600
Số lượng

Stereo Power
1kHz 0.1% THD
8 Ω1200W x 2  
4 Ω1800W x 2  
2 Ω2500W x 2  
Bridge Mono Power8 Ω3600W  
1kHz 0.1% THD4 Ω4600W  
Signal to noise 106dB  
Slew Rate 80v/µS  
Damping Factor 600:1  
Frequency response +/-0.05dB 20Hz ~ 20kHz
THD ≤ 0.01% Rated Power @ 8Ω 1kHz
IMD ≤ 0.01% Rated Power @ 8Ω
Input sensitivity 0.775V (0dB)
Input Impedance 15K/30KΩ, unbalanced or balanced
Input CMRR ≤ -75dB
Cross talk ≤ -70dB
LED indicator Signal, Protect, Power, Clip/Limiting
Main power supply 220V 50/60Hz FUSE: T32A  
Weight 36 kg  
Dimension (mm) 483W x 500D x 133H

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